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Maybe I Don’t Mind Bleeping

by Jason Edwards

I went for a run this morning and observed a woman crossing a driveway off of 144th street near Aurora. A truck was in the street, waiting for her so he could turn left into the driveway. She looked over her shoulder as she crossed, saw the truck, went back to walking, […]

My Daughter, the Nerd

by Ambertolina

Recently, at the recommendation of our dentist, it became necessary to take the daughter to the orthodontist. This did not surprise me, since the child is virtually my clone and I had to have extensive orthodontia work done. What did surprise me is how orthodontia has come […]

The Dad Who Did Not Let Me Do Text Chat

Somehow or another, my husband and I have produced this high-maintenance, picky, precocious, drama queen of a child. She is 7 years old. Though she’s a good reader, she far more enjoys writing her own books than reading other peoples’ material, thank-you-very-much.

She and her father also enjoy playing […]

Chitty Chitty vs. Shitty Shitty

by Ambertolina

This is a plea aimed at Hollywood. And I guess just parents in general.

Ian Fleming's brilliant book

When my husband and I had a kid and she turned four or so, it was a great excuse to purchase my most favorite musical of all time, Mary Poppins. The next logical movie […]

I like Independence Day

by Ambertolina

I know this entry is a little late, but then I’m always a little late for everything. As I sat with my family in the dark out on our deck at our suburban home watching fireworks pop and sparkle all over town this past July Fourth, […]

Hamburger Helper Heaven

by Ambertolina

What the hell is the matter with me and Jason? We’re always writing about food. I guess we’re Americans.

My mother is a fantastic cook. And when I say “fantastic cook” I don’t mean that she can coat some chicken parts in shake ‘n’ […]

Nickelodeon vs. Disney: A Parents’ Guide

by Ambertolina

If you’re the average American with children, your kids, like my kid, likely dominate an unfortunate portion of the daytime television viewing in your household. Having now been exposed, for better or worse, to an excessive amount of children’s programming, I’ve formed some definite opinions regarding the shows I’d prefer my child watch […]


by Jason Edwards

John 20:29

Take a look at this picture and tell me it’s not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. It is bacon, and I feel sorry for those of you reading this in a text-only format, for like the Maxim list of the 100 hottest women in the world, […]

One Time, at the Police Station …

by Ambertolina

My daughter’s Daisy Troop took a field trip to our local police station the other day. Daisies, if you don’t know, are the recently added Girl Scouts that come even before Brownies. I guess the Girl Scouts figured there was the whole 5 to 7 year old crowd […]