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Is This Your Name?

by Ambertolina

We here at Wiffli like to spend lots of time surfing the Internets when we’re supposed to be writing. As such, we sometimes stumble upon sites that we think you the reader might be interested in.

I happened across this silly little site which doesn’t do all […]

Lazy Ass Writers Justify Our Website’s Name

“by” Jason E

I stumbled across the following on someone else’s blog. I don’t know who Michael Hyatt is, but I know who PJ O’Rourke is. This is what’s going to pass for an update to Wiffli today: “Usually, writers will do anything to avoid writing. For instance, the previous sentence was written at one […]

Towel Day

by Jason Edwards

It’s Towel Day. I’m supposed to write about towel day but I have writer’s block. Sort of. I mean I can write, and will, for hours if you like. Will it be interesting? Well, why is that important, god damn it. Fine then, no it won’t. Stop reading right now. Go read […]

Fat Ass Watch

by Ambertolina

Damn fat people. They’re everywhere. And they’re getting bigger!

In an effort to help combat fat, the editors of Wiffli will be keeping track of, and disclosing, our weights on a weekly basis. We’re both attempting to adhere to the Weight Watchers program right now, though we’re […]

Wiffli’s Web: The Misanthropic Business Traveler & Peon Safari

by Ambertolina

Here at Wiffli we are much like you, in that we like to spend copious time sitting on our spreading American ass cheeks endlessly updating our Facebook and Twitter pages and then surfing the Internets for something to quell the pain […]