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It’s Not A Confession if You’re Not Ashamed

by Jason Edwards

Despite my best efforts to avoid celebrity news, I couldn’t help but read that Katie Holmes is leaving Tom Cruise. (Anyone else sort of wish Oprah still had her show, and Katie would have announced her intentions there, by jumping on a couch? This is why I try to avoid celebrity news).


Gwyneth Paltrow Used the N Word (With Asterisks)

by Jason Edwards

Did you hear that Gwyneth Paltrow used the N word? Yeah, me neither. (Lame-stream media!) Actually, I did hear about it, but only after a friend told me—a friend who happens to be black. Seems Gwyneth was in Paris with her friends Jay Z and Kanye West, attending a concert on their […]

What it Means to be a REAL Patriot

by Ambertolina

After listening to as much right-wing talk-radio as I can stand and having endless arguments with hardcore Republicans in person and over the Internet, I have now established what it means to be a REAL American patriot. And boy, have I been totally wrong about what it means to be a good American! […]

I Read Another Book (Youth in Revolt by C.D. Payne)

by Jason Edwards

Last Friday I finished Youth in Revolt by C.D. Payne. Now this is an exciting book because it’s the first in a series, the series has a movie based on it, the movies stars Michael Cera, and the books were self-published. The books are Nick Twisp’s journals, his adventures as a […]

Dear Rachael: No One Cares

by Ambertolina

The following is an open letter to Rachael Ray.

My Dearest Rachael:

First off, I want to explain that I am neither a Rachael Ray hater, nor, particularly, a Rachael Ray fan. (By the by; I was […]

Public Humiliation: The BEST Advertising

by Ambertolinadina

I live in a relatively small town of about 100,000 people. However, this is a college town, so we have a huge variety of service-related businesses that cater to the kids.

As my daughter and I drove down one of our main thoroughfares recently, […]

Pompous? Well, Yes.

by Jason Edwards

I want to go on record as saying I enjoy Shah Rukh Khan’s movies.

Who? Only the most popular actor in the world. If that flies in the face of your own theories on popularity, consider that while we in the West know all about Brad Pitt, the East has more people, […]

Crossword Puzzles

by Jason Edwards

This will be a lame post with nothing ironic about it. I will break all of the rules I have self-imposed when it comes to writing for Wiffli. I will talk about myself, one of my interests, will not have a thesis, an easy to encapsulate conclusion, and I’ll probably mention […]

Towel Day

by Jason Edwards

It’s Towel Day. I’m supposed to write about towel day but I have writer’s block. Sort of. I mean I can write, and will, for hours if you like. Will it be interesting? Well, why is that important, god damn it. Fine then, no it won’t. Stop reading right now. Go read […]

Fat Ass Watch

by Jason Edwards Here’s an eating tip. Sara Lee makes a bread called 45 Calories and delightful. Best Foods makes a light mayo that actually tastes like mayo with only 45 calories per tablespoon. Slice fresh vegetables (just go to town) and you’ve got a 135 calorie snack. If you count Weight Watchers points, that’s […]