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Fat Ass Watch

by Jason of E

Weight today: 186.6 pounds

Weight last week: 189.2 pounds

Height: 5’2”

BMI: American

Despite three 50-point days. The biking and running helped. I feel I was “rewarded” this time since I managed to not give up in the face of calamity. Memorial Day, I love […]

Towel Day

by Jason Edwards

It’s Towel Day. I’m supposed to write about towel day but I have writer’s block. Sort of. I mean I can write, and will, for hours if you like. Will it be interesting? Well, why is that important, god damn it. Fine then, no it won’t. Stop reading right now. Go read […]

Fat Ass Watch

by Ambertolina

Not bad. But not good enough, dammit. I’m still clinically obese. I’d be thrilled to get down to just “fat”.



Bill Heder as Custer in “Night at the Museum” and Ted “the Nuge” Nugent.

Ess to the Pea Ayem!

by Jason E I had some ess to the pea ayem for lunch today. Yeah, I gotta be careful how I spell that, since it’s become more famous for bad things than good. Then again, maybe you think potted luncheon meat is bad, and that’s how unsolicited e-mail got the nickname. Nah, it’s from a […]

Fat Ass Watch

by Jason Edwards Here’s an eating tip. Sara Lee makes a bread called 45 Calories and delightful. Best Foods makes a light mayo that actually tastes like mayo with only 45 calories per tablespoon. Slice fresh vegetables (just go to town) and you’ve got a 135 calorie snack. If you count Weight Watchers points, that’s […]

Nickelodeon vs. Disney: A Parents’ Guide

by Ambertolina

If you’re the average American with children, your kids, like my kid, likely dominate an unfortunate portion of the daytime television viewing in your household. Having now been exposed, for better or worse, to an excessive amount of children’s programming, I’ve formed some definite opinions regarding the shows I’d prefer my child watch […]

RIP*, Bodhi

by Jason Edwards

Couldn’t come up with a better title. Okay, maybe I could have, but I wanted to work R.I.P and Bodhi in there because, let’s face it, Patrick Swayze did something few others had ever done: he made a movie with Keanu Reeves in it that was watchable.

And now he’s dead. At […]

An Uncommon Heuristic

by Jason Edwards

Here at Wiffli, we like to do things differently. That adverb, for example: while Apple encourages you to “Think Different,” emphasizing meditation on alternatives, we emphasize that the process itself is unique. Do you see? No? Well allow me to go on.

I was away from ye olde PC for four days, […]

Fat Ass Watch

by Ambertolina

Sigh. I should be banned from cookouts.

I compulsively weigh myself every morning. Most of last week I was down one or two pounds from the week before. Until yesterday, that is, when my brother- and sister-in-law invited us over for a cookout, […]