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Another Book I Read: Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett

by Jason Edwards

3 weeks, 3 books so far, and hey hey hey, I’m almost done with week 4 and book 4. But Week 3: Unseen Academicals, latest in the long-running Discworld series. It’s a fantasy novel, it’s a series novel, and for those reasons alone you probably won’t read it. Or, for those reasons […]

I Watched a Movie (Sherlock Holmes)

I finally figured out where they got the name “House” for doctor Gregory. M.D. It’s because “house” sounds like “homes” which sounds like “Holmes” and House is supposed to be all Sherlock-like. The way he sees a spot on Cutty’s shirt and deduces that she’s pregnant with twins and the father’s an Albanian Minister of […]

I Read Another Book (Youth in Revolt by C.D. Payne)

by Jason Edwards

Last Friday I finished Youth in Revolt by C.D. Payne. Now this is an exciting book because it’s the first in a series, the series has a movie based on it, the movies stars Michael Cera, and the books were self-published. The books are Nick Twisp’s journals, his adventures as a […]

I Read a Book

by Jason Edwards

I’ve taken it upon myself to read one book per week this year. So far I’m one-for-one, and looking good for the second one as well! It would be great if I could put my “reviews” of these books here also. So here’s the first attempt. The Girl Who Played with Fire […]