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The Hipsters Scene (a commentary)

by Ambertolina

I was quick to agree with my writing colleague’s assessment of the hipster scene, which, in the eyes of a 40-something year old person is A) contrived, B) silly, and perhaps most importantly C) no longer hip.

Then I thought about this band I […]

The Art and Infamy of Missing the Point

by Jason Edwards

I’m sick of word Nazis. I just finished reading an article in my local paper, a letter to the editor, in which the writer complains about the use of the word “infatuated.” In a previous article, the paper called the murderer of a local teacher “infatuated.” The reader who wrote the letter […]

The Hipsters Scene (a rant)

by Jason Edwards

Living in Brooklyn, wearing ‘Roos, and drinking PBR is not ironic. A t-shirt emblazoned with an 80’s iron-on if that weird robotic orange dog from Battlestar Galactica, whether you got it at the thrift store at Urban Outfitters, is not ironic. It’s not kitsch or camp or cool. If YOU think it’s […]

The Dad Who Did Not Let Me Do Text Chat

Somehow or another, my husband and I have produced this high-maintenance, picky, precocious, drama queen of a child. She is 7 years old. Though she’s a good reader, she far more enjoys writing her own books than reading other peoples’ material, thank-you-very-much.

She and her father also enjoy playing […]