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God Help Us: We Need Throw Pillows

by Jason Edwards

I used to live by myself, which was an accident. I had a roommate, but then she decided she wanted to “be independent.” She seemed to think that living by herself would reduce the chances of someone “accidentally” walking into the bathroom while she showered. Fine. Then I got another roommate, but […]

Men Don’t Read

by Jason E

I was not aware of this, but it seems that men don’t read. I am a man, and I read. I haven’t always read—last year I read maybe one book. Maybe two. This year I am making a concerted effort to read, with a goal of one book per week, average. So […]

My Daughter, the Nerd

by Ambertolina

Recently, at the recommendation of our dentist, it became necessary to take the daughter to the orthodontist. This did not surprise me, since the child is virtually my clone and I had to have extensive orthodontia work done. What did surprise me is how orthodontia has come […]