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H VI, II, iv, ii, 73

by Jason Edwards

I’ve decided to take inspiration from this post over at the Language Log and threaten to kill people for doing something I don’t like. This is what blogging should be all about. No more of this “I had potatoes for dinner, undercooked” type of posting. No more of these “the proletariat have […]

The FU Files: The NHD&SC

by Jason Edwards

Here at Wiffli we like anagrams. I think that’s what they’re called. Those things where the initials of a phrase spell out a word? I’d look it up, but I’m going to depend instead on my shoddy memory and that English degree I got sixteen years ago. I hear they just found […]

It’s Not A Confession if You’re Not Ashamed

by Jason Edwards

Despite my best efforts to avoid celebrity news, I couldn’t help but read that Katie Holmes is leaving Tom Cruise. (Anyone else sort of wish Oprah still had her show, and Katie would have announced her intentions there, by jumping on a couch? This is why I try to avoid celebrity news).