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Here’s Something You Can Try: Mug Meals

by Jason Edwards

I was sipping coffee from my mug when the delightful smell of bacon wafted up to me in my lofted office space. Now let’s get something straight: this is no tiny little stick-out-your-pinky cup of coffee. This is a big ol’ horken MANMUG. I say that because I was on my third cup. (In Seattle, we drink coffee whenever it’s cloudy outside).

My wife’s home from work today and was making herself lunch: bacon, eggs, and hash brown. She loves her some breakfast for lunch. And so do I. I mean I love it when she cooks. Usually she’s at work and I’m here working from home and I have to “cook” my own lunch which means I put things between slices of bread. Ever had a leftover-lasagna sandwich? Well, don’t. Just don’t.

So I walked down the stairs with my empty mug and was struck by a brilliant idea: how about putting my lunch in my mug? It made so much sense, I felt like I was standing in a ray of sunshine. A metaphorical one, since I was indoors and it’s been raining all day.

I walked into the kitchen, scooped hashbrowns, fried eggs, and bacon into my mug, grabbed a fork, and headed back to the office. And it was amazing. Didn’t have to dirty a new dish. Easy to carry up the stairs. Easy to eat from. Food stayed warm in between calls and web-things that distracted me.

Why didn’t I think of this before? I mean, we eat soup from a mug sometimes, right? And cereal, and ice cream sometimes. I could do this with so many foods! The aforementioned leftover lasagna. Pretty much anything from a Chinese restaurant. I usually end up mixing together everything on my plate when I’m eating Chinese anyway.

Or Mexican! It might take some squashing, but I bet I could fit one heck of a burrito in this mug right here. And when I’m done, sitting there on my desk is a cup, which doesn’t take up much space, instead of a big ol’ dirty plate. And say someone walks by, sees the dirty plate? Fine, I’m all alone at home, but imagine you’re in an office. Dirty plate = slob. Dirty mug = productive person who drinks a lot of coffee.

I’m eating all of my non-sandwich lunches out of mugs from now on. As brilliant ideas go, I’m ranking this one right up there with using chopsticks to eat Doritos. Come to think of it, we have one of those Magic Bullet blenders… maybe I’ll eat my sandwiches this way too.

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