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It’s Not A Confession if You’re Not Ashamed

by Jason Edwards

Despite my best efforts to avoid celebrity news, I couldn’t help but read that Katie Holmes is leaving Tom Cruise. (Anyone else sort of wish Oprah still had her show, and Katie would have announced her intentions there, by jumping on a couch? This is why I try to avoid celebrity news).

And just this week, Anderson Cooper has revealed, finally, that he is gay.

These are brave things for these extremely rich and good looking people to do, so I thought, time to grow a backbone myself. Time to finally admit my truth to the public.

I have green eyes. There. I said it.

And I know a lot of you are saying, well, Jason, we’ve seen your eyes before. What are you trying to tell us exactly? I’m talking about melanin, people, I’m talking about wavelengths of light.

I’ve had green eyes pretty much all my life. Sometimes they’re hazel, depending on what I’m wearing. I’ve been told that the setting sun can make my eyes grow a very vibrant green. That was told to me in confidence, but I’m not going to keep it confidential anymore.

I was born this way. It’s genetic. Nothing I can do about it. I did try to wear some purple contacts for a while… but they were very uncomfortable, and they just made my eyes look a sort of greyish brown.

Would I choose to have green eyes, if the choice was up to me? Hard to say. On the one hand, I don’t see why not. I might choose to be a few inches taller, also.

Or maybe if I was born very tall, I might have chosen a few less.

But then again, once should accept oneself for one what oneself is, shouldn’t one? I’m not saying I’m proud of my green eyes, not saying I’m proud of other green-eyed people and what we’ve accomplished over the years.

But I’m not ashamed either. I’m not going to not admit it to everyone I can, all over whatever media is willing to report the color of my eyes. Green.

Green! And if you have a problem with that, sorry, I just don’t care.

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